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Hello Thailand!

I’m so sorry that I’ve neglected this blog for most of this year. Finding time to write has been really tricky which is a real shame as it’s what I really enjoy. I have so many more stories to tell about Molly and D over the last few years but as every working mum or dad knows carving out time for oneself in amongst children transitioning to secondary school, contemplating mobile phones, Year 4 friendship crises, packed lunches, class assemblies, forgotten violins, bake sales, endless clubs and classes, permission slips, nits, verrucas, molluscum, stitches and so on, there is hardly any time for anything. Just as you think one problem is sorted, another crops up.

It’s therefore such a joy that my lovely agents at Watson Little occasionally send me an email to tell me that the rights of my parenting book ‘Inside Out Parenting’ have been sold abroad. And yesterday, hiding in the secret cupboard where the postie leaves things that cannot get through my letterbox was a parcel containing 3 copies of a lovely little book.

I’m so chuffed to report that my book ‘Inside Out Parenting’ is now available in Thailand. I can’t read a word of it but the pictures are super cute! I particularly like that the cartoon me is missing a few tyres around the waist and bags under the eyes. If you know anyone in Thailand in search of a parenting book, please let them know!

It’s here! Inside Out Parenting

Inside Out Parenting jkt


Sorry for the radio silence, but life has been pretty hectic the last few months to say the least. I have been interviewed by The Times, Country Walking and writing articles for The Telegraph and Daily Mail on-line sites. Crazy. Today a long-held dream has become reality and my little book, which came about from this blog, has hit the bookshops. When I paid my £60 to register this blog domain, little did I imagine that all this would be possible.

This morning after dropping off the children at school, I made a solitary trip to the local bookstore and headed to the parenting section where I have hung out quite a lot in the last few years. My only previous publication was a Chapter in a textbook so specialised that you had to order it on-line, so it was a very strange idea that I could go into a bookshop and see my book on the shelf. I didn’t really believe that I would find it, but there it was….




Thank you so much to all the lovely people that have followed or read my blog. I do hope that now the hard work is done on the book that I will be back on the blog site again! I have missed Big Sis, Lil Bro and Banker, not least because they are transformed into Molly, D and Andrew in the book. Since writing the book, so much has happened and the children are no longer little anymore! I’m really looking forward to sharing the next adventures in parenting with you : Lil Bro is sitting his KS1 SATS and I am forming an excel spreadsheet of secondary schools for Big Sis – where did the time go?

If you have liked my site, please look out for my book: it may be tucked away somewhere next to books on potty training! – (I confess to having spent half an hour rearranging the shelves at my local Waterstones to get that photo above – at least I was decent enough not to sneak it widthways over Giovanna Fletcher).

Thank you again for supporting my blog. I could have not done this without you!