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Please feel free to suggest interesting topics for me to cover as I am always keen to learn what parents would find helpful. You can follow me on Facebook (Shrinkgrowskids) and Twitter (@shrinkgrowskids). Unfortunately I am unable to respond to personal clinical queries and if you are worried about your child, please see your child’s doctor.

For book related/ media contact, please contact my agent:

I am always looking for opportunities to increase awareness of child psychiatry and psychology, so please get in touch.


  1. Radha Upadhyaya

    I really like all your blogs. However I feel they are mostly about the joys of parenting. Would love to hear your views on disciplining. We are currently really struggling with temper tantrums of a 5 year old..

  2. Tracy cox

    I have my son who is 15 years old .he is struggling to acsept his Nany is gone .I lost my mum 2011 .and he was very close to his nany. But since she passed away …my son he is not coping.he is so stressed and he always caring his nany’s photo in his bag.the problem is I left him when he was 4years and I came to UK .so he grew up with his nany until he was 10.and I renited with him when he was 10 years he came to UK to join me.and my mum Died when my son was 10 but by that time my mum died ..I was with my son in UK so we did not go to mourn my Mummy funeral becomes of secumstance by that time.after 2 years we travelled to Africa with my son to see my mum’s tombstone. And we came bake .so by that time after we came back I noticed that my Son changed his behaviour and he keeps himself to himself he is now greaving every day and carrying my mum’s photo with him.sometimes he write latter’s Tring to express his feelings..I am so worried on he started having seizures it’s now two times .please help my son!

  3. Mick Jewell

    Hi Holan, I have recently penned my book (39500 words) on Strategies for working with children who have experienced issues causing behavioural difficulties due to FASD, ASD, abuse, trauma, neglect, ODD etc and I am looking to publish. I was a speaker at The Brain to Behaviour Conference at ICH in 2012 and have gained a much wider experience since then, successfully looking after 13 long term Foster Children with quite severe background issues and complexities. I have just ordered your book and welcome the opportunity to discuss further any hints and tips you may be able to offer. Kind regards Mick J

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