Happy 6 month Birthday!

6 month birthday

Shrinkgrowskids has reached it’s half year anniversary and 6000 hits! So a great big:


To all the readers and subscribers as I wouldn’t have the confidence to carry on without you!

If you read my site regularly, please follow by email – I am aiming for 100 followers at 1 year ( I am at 80 at present so your subscription can get me there soon!).

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Please tell your friends about my site!

Here is what people have been saying about Shrinkgrowskids:

“I must say I am an avid reader of your blog. I read it religiously each week, it’s a highlight of my Fridays. So thanks very much and congratulations on its success”

“This article so accurately reflects my life now and it’s such a comfort that other women actually admit to feeling this way.”

“This is such a wonderful piece of writing…. It may be the hormones but it really moved me”

“This is the most articulate, intelligent summary of the issues presenting to parents in the UK today that I have read in two and half years of being a parent (and reading more than my fair share of such pieces).”

“Well this started some interesting playground conversations today!!”


I love your blog….so much sense!!”

“This helped me understand ADHD better than I have in the last ten years of working with kids!”

Shrinkgrowskids has been read in over 75 countries from Russia to Guatemala, Jamaica to New Zealand. It’s being read in Israel and Syria, by parents in countries of NATO and the BRICS. Parenting endeavour unites us all!

I will be with Big Sis and Lil Bro over the holidays so may not be regular with posts over the Summer, but will still be posting so please do check in to find out what my rascals and I have been up to. Alternatively subscribe and you won’t miss a thing!


Here are some highlights from the last 6 months in case you missed them:



glass ceiling


Planes ADHD










Image from my favourite MAP London T-shirt

Image from my favourite MAP London T-shirt





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