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Zombies and Easter


Big Sis asked me what a zombie was the other day. Here is our conversation:

Big Sis: Mummy, what’s a zombie?

Me: It’s the undead. Like, the living dead.

Big Sis: Huh?

Me: It’s like, someone who is half dead.

Big Sis: You mean like [gesturing a line through her face and body] this side is dead and this side is alive? (they have clearly been learning about “halves” at school)

Me: No! [struggling, then remembering “Shaun of the Dead”] They are people that walk around like this [now giving my best “Shaun of the Dead” zombie impression with stiff arms outstretched moving up and down]

Big Sis: You mean a puppet!

Me: [Aargh! This is tough] No, no, no! It’s like some one who has died but then comes back to life.

Big Sis: Oh! You mean like Jesus Christ!

Totally not what I meant, but very funny.



Photograph by Giorgia Bertazzi