Exercise Your Mind

Just a quick blog to shout out about an exciting new “Gym” that’s launching in London this weekend. No, it’s not one for planks and TRX, but one for exercising the little grey cells!
It does seem a shame that after school or university, we become cosseted in a life where IF we continue to learn, it is usually “on-the-job” such that we become super-specialist in our own pigeon-boxed specialties without gaining breadth of learning. No more getting to try “lino-printing” or “debating” as we did in the classroom, to the extent that I am rather jealous of my kids who are shipped off to exciting school clubs such as “Lego Workshop”, “Chess” and “Tech club”. Jealous no more, as this weekend (May 13th 2018), Cerebral Gym will launch at the lovely and charitable House of St Barnabas in SoHo. Here, you will get to learn about all manner of things from bridge, to opera via architecture, with a bit of rap and book club thrown in for good measure. If it all get’s a bit too much for the little grey cells, there’s massage and meditation on site.
And to top it all off, a spot of parenting chat with me! Yippee.
If you are free, do come down. See the sites below for info and tickets.

Cerebral Gym Website


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